Oplainfield police carn 05/07/2015 at approximately 6:37 PM members of the Plainfield Police Department conducted a motor vehicle stop Green Chevy K2500 pickup truck bearing CT registration plate 9217CC for Failure to Maintain Proper Lane Position.

Officers identified the operator of the vehicle as Billiejo Gallup (w/f DOB 08/07/1991) of Valley View Road, Sterling CT, and her two passengers, Joseph Lemieux (w/m DOB 03/08/1984) of Fourth Street, Plainfield CT, and Tracy Gadbois (w/f DOB 06/21/1985) of Sterling Road, Sterling CT.

While communicating with the occupants of the vehicle they all appeared to be extremely nervous. Gallup subsequently gave officers consent to search the vehicle where 18 glassine baggies containing a tan powder like substance which tested positive for the presence of heroin were located along with multiple drug paraphernalia items.

Gallup was subsequently placed under arrest and charged with Possession of Narcotics (C.G.S. 21a-279(a)), Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (C.G.S. 14-267), and Failure to Maintain Proper Lane Position (C.G.S. 14-236). Gallup was later released on a $5,000 Non-Surety Bond with a scheduled court date of 05/18/2015 at Danielson Superior Court GA11.